DIY Impression Kits

$ 15.00

DIY Lovers!  This just in….WP Creations now has an impression kit for you!
You can purchase it locally at one of our studios – click here to find one near you OR you can order online. Take impressions of your babies, your children under 5 years of age and your pets too!

Why WP Creations?  Our materials are fresh and customizable

AND did you know $1.00 from each kit is donated back to Childhood Cancer Canada?

We’re excited to be donating to such a great cause.

Freshness: Our kits capture amazing details as we don’t package your materials until you need it.  You should make sure you take the impression within 1-2 months of purchasing a kit.

Customizable: You get to pick your ribbon color and shape your impression to whatever you’d like!

Easy: Scroll down below to see just how easy your steps will be.

Surprise Gift:  In each kit comes a free gift/or coupon voucher for each of you.  You’ll have to buy one to find out what it is…. 🙂


Options Quantity


Child over 12 months? If your child is over 12 months, you will likely need a larger package of impression material.  Be sure to select the appropriate option below to ensure you receive the adequate quantity.

Want to take an impression of your pet?
Order our under 12 months for small dogs or cats. Order over 12 months or larger pets.

Safe – Easy – Clean

Step 1: Preparation

  • Flatten the impression material provided

Step 2: Taking the print

  • Gently push down hand or footprint for 3-5 seconds

Step 3: Shape and Finish

  • Follow the instructions provided to custom shape and finish your impression

Ready to gift in just 7 days. It takes only a few minutes to create and clean the impression but we like to let it dry a few days before you finish it.  All good keepsakes take a little TLC before you gift them to loved ones.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Enough impression material for one hand or footprint.  Add refill packs at time of purchase for additional hands and feet or for a larger child’s hand
  • Detailed instructions on how to create your unique impression
  • Your shaping and finishing tools
  • Ribbon of your choice

WINTER NOTICE: Our impression material and sealer finish should not freeze. If you order in winter months, you’ll need to finish your impression with your own acrylic paint or sealer and we’ll have to give you instructions on how to work with your impression material. Please email us at prior to ordering for details.