Finger/Toeprint Ink Kit

$ 5.00

Our Finger/Toeprint Jewelry requires a print.

See below for more information on whether this product is right for your purpose

Instructions on how to take print will be provided with your kit.

Taking the print takes less than 2 minutes.



Each kit is enough for tw0-four prints. We recommend you take four  prints per finger/toe.  This way our jewelry artist can take the best print from each

Putty prints capture more detail on younger children or people with fine lines than an ink print will. Therefore this product is not recommended for finger/toeprints of young children under the age of 3.

The prints transferred to silver from this print kit will be stronger, more deeper which will help keep the print more defined.  That being said, the lines are not to scale and are thicker.  See our product images for digital prints.